The FI-LINKS “Future Internet Advisory Board” meeting

The FI-LINKS “Future Internet Advisory Board” met for the first time on 12 November in Berlin. The first mandate of the Advisory Board is to cross-examine the status of Future Internet activities and roadmaps all over the world and start initiating a “Future Internet Roadmap” looking at mid- and long-term perspective, in order to investigate cooperation opportunities in the Future Internet domain, including but not limited to FIWARE adoption in some countries and European regions. FI-LINKS already contributed to the the Net Innovation Unit WP2016-2017 Open Consultation. The roadmapping activities of FI-LINKS are coordinated by Federico Facca from Create-Net.

The Advisory Board, chaired by Federico Alvarez from UPM (FI-LINKS project coordinator), assembles a team of very high-level experts from Europe and beyond. Distinguished individuals such as Glenn Ricart from US Ignite (USA), Alberto Leon-Garcia from the University of Toronto (Canada), Nozomu Nishinaga from NICT (Japan), and Heeyoung Jung from ETRI (Korea) attended the meeting. They all gave a presentation on the status of Future Internet activities and roadmaps in their countries and provided some initial contributions to the preliminary Future Internet “map” being worked out by the FI-LINKS team. Moreover, there was an agreement that best practices could be shared to work on a common roadmap and also to better understand how FIWARE could fit into the global picture, including initiatives running in each of those countries.

Glenn, Al, Nozomu and Heeyoung were also keynote speakers the next day (13 November) at the FI-PPP International Workshop organized within the FUSECO Forum, within a session entitled “Future Internet Research and Innovation in Europe, the US, Canada and Asia”. In the same session Jacques Magen from InterInnov, who is leading the international engagement in FI-LINKS, gave an overview of the FI-PPP.

Other experts involved in the Board include Daniel Contesse from UDD (Chile); Sylvie Monfort from Brittany, France; Giacomo Piccini from Lombardy Region, Italy; and Taina Tukiainen from Aalto University, Finland. Daniel Contesse presented a comprehensive overview of the status of Future Internet activities in Chile and a number of recommendations with respect to the potential set-up of a FIWARE node. The European experts attended the meeting along with the above-mentioned individuals and the FI-LINKS experts, and held a specific session with promising outcomes and expectations on FI-LINKS to support them becoming “FIWARE Regions”, coordinated by Pierre-Yves Danet from Orange.