Public deliverables

Here below the list of public deliverables of the project:

1.3Plan for engaging FI stakeholders (PDF)07/07/2016
2.2.1Report on FI stakeholders’ engagement and use of FI-PPP technology (PDF)02/07/2016
2.1.2FI-LINKS Roadmap v2.0 and specific focus releases (PDF)02/07/2016
1.2FI-LINKS RoadMap v1.0 (PDF)06/08/2015
4.3.1Report on dissemination and promotion activities v1.0 (PDF)30/07/2015
1.1Specification and preliminary design of privacy preserving mechanisms for data management (PDF)10/02/2015
4.2Dissemination and promotion plan (PDF)30/11/2014
2.1.1Plan for engaging FI stakeholders (PDF)07/11/2014
5.1Quality assurance plan and risk analysis (PDF)30/10/2014
4.1Project website (PDF)30/10/2014